We have a $40 minimum to cover the cost of the packaging. We ship your juices in insulated packaging to keep the juices cold during transportation. If you order less, the juices will not be able to stay cold.

Paypal needs your billing information, but we receive both your billing and shipping addresses. If you list your billing address as your home, and your shipping address as your work, we at Arden’s Garden receive both those addresses.

No. If you have a P.O. box and do not want it sent to your home, call your local UPS Customer Center to see if we can send it to them to hold for pick-up.

Yes. If the website has trouble accepting your address, do not enter any commas in the address line. (ex: “1234 Main Street apt 1A”)

If the order arrives damaged, please contact our office immediately so we can send a replacement order the following week or refund your money. If we are not notified within 24 hours of the package being delivered that there is a problem, no refund will be issued. Please ship your juice order to a destination where it will be received by the end of the arrival day. Our product is fresh and requires immediate refrigeration. It is the customer’s responsibility to refrigerate the items after the package arrives. If the product is ordered as a gift, please notify your recipient. Our product is fresh and perishable. Please do not order if the package will sit on a doorstep longer than 12 hours.

Nope. Nor do we suggest any teas, sodas, or any processed drinks. These all bring toxins into your system. Sip warm water with fresh lemon to hydrate your body and detox your liver.

Fresh juice is gentle and healing. Juice is a live food carrying vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes to the body quickly and efficiently. You need enzymes for cleansing and rebuilding, and you need antioxidants to fight aging and dangerous free radicals. You also need liquids to continuously flush the system and carry away toxins. As far as your digestive system is concerned, raw juice is almost invisible since it requires virtually no digestion. Nutrients are absorbed and utilized with minimal work, giving your system a chance to rest without suffering deprivation.

Yes! All the fresh juice makes your skin glow, your eyes brighten and your hair shine. When you finish, people will probably comment that you have never looked better.

A juice fast is not a diet – it’s a cleansing program to help rid your body of sugar, wheat, caffeine, and processed foods. Reintroducing these back into your diet makes you aware of specific sensitivities. Fasting teaches you which foods make you anxious, gaseous or sluggish. If you’re overweight, however, you may lose a few pounds.

A general rule is not to fast when you have too much stress in your life. Fasting, however, is a great way to jump start new habits and resolutions. A fast can help make a transition from one state of mind to another. If you want a little help moving on, this juice fast may be the perfect vehicle.

Here’s the surprise: your body will be getting so many nutrients from the juices that you will probably stop thinking about food. While this may not happen with everyone, more often than not it does. One of the biggest problems with a juice fast is the opposite of what you would expect – you lose your appetite and don’t always drink enough.

Then eat. If for any reason you don’t want to continue, it’s OK to stop. Your body will let you know exactly what it needs. Is there a right or wrong way to fast? There are all kinds of ways to fast. Many of the fasting methods that are now being advocated are extreme. If you fast on nothing but water, for example, it can shock all of your systems and make you ill. A juice fast supplemented with steam-distilled water is far healthier because it’s both cleansing and replenishing. Fresh juices allow your digestive system to rest and your body to rejuvenate.

Your energy should actually increase as each day passes. That’s part of what makes the experience so powerful – you get stronger.