Product handling guidelines.

Are you ready for your juicy package? We are so excited to send you your box of goodies!

As our products are minimally processed and highly perishable, here are some tips on taking care of your order:

  1. Make sure to open your package and refrigerate your juices as soon as possible (within hours of arrival).
  2. Our products do expire! Check the bottle for the printed "best by" date!
  3. All of our products (excluding snacks), freeze very well! If you are unable to consume it within its "best by" date, you can freeze it for later. Make sure to pour some juice out as liquid expands in freezing temperatures (or at least that's what Bill Nye says)!
  4. Sending someone a gift? We love to see it! If the recipient of your gift is not home a lot, consider giving them a hint about the arrival of the package.
  5. Things can get lost sometimes. If you have not received your order for more than 3 days please make sure to email us at, so that we can assist you further.
  6. Please verify your shipping address as we are not responsible for orders that ship to an incorrect address related to a typo or mis entered address information.