Holy Basil, Hibiscus and True Blue: New at the Garden

Holy Basil, Hibiscus and True Blue: New at the Garden

Arden's GardenAug 11, '20

Back in April, we introduced three new products that were only available at our Atlanta locations and Publix stores. But now, you can finally get your hands on these items online! That means you can try them all over the country. 

Hibiscus Tea

Our Hibiscus Tea is packed with body-balancing essential antioxidants. The ingredients are cold-brewed hibiscus tea -- with dried hibiscus flowers -- lemon, ginger, organic agave nectar, erythritol, and monk fruit extract. Dried hibiscus flowers have been used as a diuretic to treat fever, constipation, high blood pressure and bacterial infections.

This is our first cold-brewed tea, and we're so happy to add it to our lineup of cold-pressed fruit and veggie juices. And now through August 30, our Hibiscus Tea and Holy Basil Lemonade are on sale for only $4.50.

Holy Basil Lemonade

As you know, we already have two great lemonades in our arsenal: Cucumber Lemonade and Charcoal Lemonade. Since it's still summer, we couldn't think of a better product to add than yet another lemonade, but with a unique twist! Our Holy Basil Lemonade is both refreshing and fun, and you can find it listed under our veggie juices.

Giving you wellness for the body, mind and spirit, our Holy Basil Lemonade is made with the same distilled water, lemons and organic agave nectar as our other lemonades. But we've also added erythritol (a low calorie sweetener), monk fruit extract (a zero calorie sweetener), basil and holy basil seeds. The basil seeds can be seen floating in the lemonade, so kids will love it!

arden's garden shooters

True Blue

Last, but certainly not least, is our newest shooter: the True Blue probiotic shot. It's become quite a popular option as it's hands-down our easiest shot to drink. That's due to its ingredient list of healthy probiotics, organic agave nectar and Blue Majik spirulina.

This shooter is a little oasis of health that includes more than 3.5 billion cultures, which means it's great for your gut. It's actually so good that you'll forget that it's good for you!

Find all of these new items -- a lemonade, a tea and a probiotic shooter -- in our Atlanta stores, at your local Publix supermarket and now available on our website to be shipped pretty much nationwide!

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