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A Summertime Trio: Lavender Lemonade, Southwest Bowl, & Hibiscus Jalapeno

Arden's GardenMay 31, '22

Here at Arden's Garden, we love to bring you new items to whet your vegan appetite! This summer, we've introduced a refreshing lemonade, a delicious bowl, and an energizing shot! Lavender Lemonade - Cold Pressed Lemonade Lavender Lemonade is the latest edition to our lemonade line. As a complement to...

What Does Cold-Pressed Juice Mean?

Arden's GardenMar 15, '22

If you are looking for a high-quality juice, a product like Arden's Garden is ideal simply because it is a cold-pressed juice. Cold press juice is different because it preserves the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, but also requires careful management to minimize the risk of bacteria buildup.

What to Eat After A Juice Cleanse (and What to Avoid)

Arden's GardenFeb 23, '22

After a juice cleanse, you've given your digestive system the opportunity to remove debris and particles left over from an unhealthy diet. It's not always an easy process, but you should feel good about your body right now. With this cleansed digestive system, you need to consider what to eat...

Benefits of Detox Juice Cleanse

Arden's GardenFeb 17, '222 comments

For those seeking a solution to an unhealthy ecosystem within their body that will help you feel better and help restore overall health and balance in the body, consider a detox juice cleanse. Arden's Garden's 2 Day Detox Cleanse is one of the best choices overall for those who are looking for the benefits of a detox juice cleanse and high-quality results.

How to Balance pH in the Body with Food

Arden's GardenJan 31, '22

Arden's Garden pH Solution can help your body balance pH by minimizing the acidity that is so common in many people, which may help to reduce the risk of disease development, illness progression, and bacteria flourishing.