New Juice Alert: Immunity Now, Rainbow Health & Magic Mushroom

New Juice Alert: Immunity Now, Rainbow Health & Magic Mushroom

Arden's GardenJul 5, '21

This summer, we've introduced three new products to the Arden's Garden lineup. These juices are only available in our Atlanta retail stores and Publix grocers. Read below to learn more about these cold pressed items!

Magic Mushroom - Cold Pressed Immunity Shot

Our newest shot is Magic Mushroom -- yes, you heard that right! We put mushrooms in a two ounce shooter. The adaptogens in this shot support immunity and aid in stress management. Adaptogens help the body resist physical, chemical, and biological stressors. The vitamins and minerals in it can also help reduce fatigue, promote cell metabolism, and aid in a healthy digestion and overall brain health.

mushroom shot

Ingredients in this shooter include tart cherries, apple juice, ginger root, lion's mane powder, cordyceps powder, red reishi powder, and cacao powder.

Rainbow Health - Cold Pressed
Vegetable Juice

With a spectrum of nutritious veggies, Rainbow Health is the perfect variety of vegetables and spices. This anti-inflammatory juice is rich in vitamins A, B, and C and can also assist with blood pressure regulation. Plus, if you're a fan of our other veggie juices like Beet it Better and Turmeric Loves Carrot (TLC), then you'll definitely want to try out this beautiful blend.

vegetable juice

Ingredients in this vegetable juice include beets, apple juice, carrots, orange juice, ginger, and turmeric root.

Immunity Now - Cold Pressed
Fruit Juice

Packed with antioxidants and micronutrients, you're sure to love our new fruit juice. Immunity Now is a delicious mix of old and new ingredients. Before, you could only find grapefruit if you were looking to cleanse with our Two Day Detox, but that's no longer the case! We're also giving you our first juice with immune-boosting elderberries that balance out the tartness of the grapefruit.

fruit juice

Ingredients in this fruit juice include pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, elderberries, zinc gluconate, and vitamin D3.

Find these three new items -- a shot, a vegetable juice, and a fruit juice -- in any of our retail stores or your local Publix for now.

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