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What Does Cold-Pressed Juice Mean?

If you are looking for a high-quality juice, a product like Arden's Garden is ideal simply because it is a cold-pressed juice. Cold press juice is different because it preserves the nutrients from...

What Is Cold Pressed Juice

The term cold-pressed is relatively common when discussing juices and cleanses. What does cold-pressed juice mean, though? There are a lot of juice products on the market that contain vegetables and fruits. However, the extraction method used to pull out the nutrients is not always the same, but it does impact the overall quality of the final result.

If you are looking for a high-quality juice, a product like Arden's Garden is ideal simply because it is a cold-pressed juice. So, again, what does that mean?

How Cold-Pressed Happens

How is cold press juice different? Cold-pressed juice is made differently than most other juices sold on the market. It is made using a hydraulic press through a process known as high-pressure processing or HPP. That press compacts fruits and vegetables using thousands of pounds of pressure. This press extracts the maximum amount of nutrient-dense material from the plant. The critical difference between this method and the traditional methods is that there is no heat involved in the process.

Heat matters for many reasons. Specifically, when heat is added to the mix, it causes degradation to the vegetables and fruits themselves. Other methods add oxygen to the process, which can also damage the fruits and vegetables. However, because no heat and no oxygen are used in the process, no nutrients are lost in pasteurizing the juice as is common traditionally.

This type of juice is considered raw. That means it does not have additives that can slow down aging. That also means that these products do not last as long as others. You can expect them to be at their best three to four days after they have been pressed. Cold press juice is different because it preserves the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, but also requires careful management to minimize the risk of bacteria buildup.

What Are the Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice?

These products are often the best option on the market for high-quality juice, especially for those who may be engaging in a juice cleanse. Take a look at some of the benefits of these products.

Wellness Cleanse Cold-Pressed Juice

High Nutrient Levels

One of the most important benefits of cold-pressed juice is that it has an incredibly high amount of nutrients in it. This juice includes enzymes that help the digestive system work at its best. It also contains minerals and vitamins that are critical to overall health and wellbeing. These all help to stimulate the body's cells to work correctly. Because these are raw fruits and vegetables, there is no loss of nutrients in their production. That's one of the most significant differences in this product compared to most others.

Reduction of Inflammation

The high nutrient level of these products can significantly improve the function of juices in the body. One prominent example of this is helping to reduce inflammation. Cold-pressed products have a high level of nutrients without the added chemicals brought in by processing or pasteurization. That results in a product that can quickly reduce inflammation throughout the body, especially when used over time.

Removing Toxins and Improving Immunity

Another way that cold-pressed juices can help the body more so than other products is by helping to detoxify. Many people eat high-sugar, high-fat diets that tend to leave behind toxins. Environmental factors also contribute to this. These toxins get into the body's cells, where they linger. They may become toxic, so much so that they put your health at risk. 

At the same time, these products also work to improve the function of the immune system. To work at its best, the immune system needs to have a high level of nutrients. It works the best when these are high-quality nutrients. A healthy immune system may help with healing, inflammation reduction in the body, and fighting off infection and disease.

Energy Boost

Many people report an energy boost from using cold-pressed juices. That may happen for various reasons. First, it occurs because the product is working to detoxify the cells, allowing them to work at a more effective and efficient level. It also helps that these products contain a high nutrient level, which gives the body direct access to the nutrients it needs to thrive and operate at its best.

No Meat means the Product Remains Intact

Eating an organic apple whole allows a person to get all of the nutrients that an apple can provide. The same is true for cold-pressed juices. You are getting access to all of the nutrition the vegetables and fruits contained within can provide. Consider, for example, what happens when you cook vegetables and fruits. They break down, and as they do, they often lose a lot of their nutrient quality. This quality is one of the core reasons to invest in cold-pressed products.

How to Know You’re Getting the Very Best

It's hard to know what to buy when you are in the market for cold-pressed juice or any type of juice, especially for a cleanse. There can be a lot of marketing and false advertising that can trick consumers who are looking for genuinely good products. So how do you know you are getting a quality product? Take a look at what you can expect when buying Arden’s Garden products, including cold-pressed juices.

  • You can read the labels. Here's one of the best benefits of these cold press products. You can read the labels and see what is in them and what's not. There are no chemicals and additives in them.
  • They are processed in the safest way possible. Another one of the benefits of these products is that they are processed healthily without the use of added oxygen, preservatives, or heat. As a result, you will find that these products can provide you with the best level of nutrient power possible.
  • These products aim to balance pH in the body. Balancing your body's pH is critically important to fostering health and overall wellbeing. This balance is important to give the body the healthy nutrients it needs so it can fight to reduce the risk of illness and disease.
  • Energy boosts happen quickly. Most people report the benefits of cold press juice include a boost to their energy. They don't feel like they are on stimulating medications or caffeine, but they feel as though they have more energy than they have had in a long time.
  • They taste good, too. No matter which type of cold press juice you invest in through Arden's Garden, you'll find these products are good for you, and they taste great too. So you won’t dread drinking these juices like you may other types of products.

Making the Decision to Invest
in Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-Pressed Juice Arden's Garden

What does cold-pressed mean to you? First, it should mean that you are getting the highest level of nutrients possible. You will need to consume these sooner than you would other products, but you can count on them offering the highest quality of nutrients without any degradation of the produce. Most importantly, these products will provide you with the inflammation reduction, digestive benefits, and overall wellbeing you need.

Giving your body what it needs to thrive is always essential. By providing direct access to a nutrient-dense product like this, you are fueling your health. Arden's Garden is an exceptional choice for its overall high-quality nutrients and fantastic taste.

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