A Letter from Our CEO

A Letter from Our CEO

Arden's GardenMar 19, '207 comments

As the CEO of Arden's Garden, I want to be clear on our position regarding COVID-19. I am concerned but not afraid. I want to outline how Arden's will be a part of the solution to stopping the spread of this virus.

The Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease, and those who are older adults and/or have serious chronic medical conditions are at high risk. As a company, we are practicing stringent preventative measures, including 20-second hand washing, using soap and water and limiting touching our faces.

We're Open

At this time, all of our 18 stores are open. Our hours have been adjusted, but our doors will remain open as we believe that good nutrition can help combat this virus. For details, visit our updated store locations and hours and feel free to call ahead.

Many of you are seeking our advice or help in reacting to this pandemic. We have seen a strong increase in demand for our products and we want to be there to help you stay healthy. We are doing our best to keep up with the demand and to continue to provide you all with healthy options to weather this storm.

Commitment to Employees

We're encouraging any employee who does not feel well to stay home, get well and avoid interacting with customers and coworkers in our production facilities, stores, offices and wholesale accounts. We're fully stocked up on cleaning materials, hand sanitizer, gloves and thermometers. If employees are forced to miss work due to the effects of this virus, they will be compensated. 

In-Store Changes

We are going above and beyond the normal guidelines and practices and effectively disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and door handles and maintaining a clean environment in our stores and production facilities. Health and safety are non-negotiable, and protecting our employees and customers is of the highest priority.

As a precautionary effort, we will no longer accept reusable cups at this time. Also, all orders will be to-go or grab-and-go, which includes Grand Slams. There will be no in-store seating, and we are limiting the number of customers allowed in each store at a time, plus we are requiring the use of face masks. We will continue to adjust our policies and operations as new, significant developments occur. We don't wait around to be told what to do, so we will always seek to be prepared and act ahead of the curve.

Ways to Order

Uber Eats: Since we're open, you can still choose to come into the store to place your to-go orders. But, we're also available on Uber Eats.

Our Website: We offer the majority of our products for sale online. You can shop for 16oz cold-pressed juices, immunity shooters (including our Grand Slam), plant-based snacks and salads. Shop our items online and get them delivered to your door (no-contact delivery) for a newly introduced flat-rate shipping fee and complimentary Firecracker shooter on all orders.

Order Ahead: We now have an order ahead feature on our website. This way, you can place an order on our website for a particular store location and then come and pick it up yourself. We'll also have the option to provide curbside pickup depending on availability. You get the benefit of having all items that are available at each store (including smoothie options), plus being the only one handling the delivery of your food.

Giving Back

We have supported essential workers and organizations like Emory Healthcare that are putting themselves on the front lines to flatten the curve. That's why we offered free Grand Slams to all healthcare workers and first responders in our community during the height of the pandemic. 

This is uncharted territory for our healthcare system and economy. But we are incredibly fortunate to be in a profession where we can help others. Community needs matter more now than ever. We will do our best to be a beacon of light in this time of darkness.

--Leslie Zinn


What to Do to Stay Safe

The most important thing you can do to stay safe right now is to help flatten the curve by staying at home.

Practice social distancing. Avoid crowds and any non-essential trips.

Frequently wash your hands. Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Use hand sanitizer. If you can't wash with soap and water (although hand washing is more effective), then apply hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Avoid touching your face. Keep unclean hands away from your face, especially when out and about.

Helpful Healthful Hints to Boost Your Immunity

  • Probiotics: A healthy immune system starts in the gut, so consider taking a daily probiotic
  • Good Nutrition: Skip the sugary drinks and get more Vitamin C from fresh juices and fruits and veggies, especially dark, leafy greens like:
    • cherries, chili peppers, spinach, kale, kiwis, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lemons, strawberries, oranges, parsley, papayas and more
  • Sleep: Sleep plays an important factor in your health, so be sure to get a good night's sleep
  • Stay Hydrated: Flush out germs by staying hydrated with water. Cold-pressed juices also work as they contain water and the addition of enzymes and nutrients
  • Less Stress: Lower your stress level as stress can weaken your immune system. Instead of watching the news and scrolling the internet, use this time to practice self-care.
    • Meditate, go on a long walk, read a book, learn to paint, listen to your favorite album, binge-watch a new show, take midday naps, play with your kids, enjoy nature, make a home-cooked meal, practice some yoga, start a 1,000-piece puzzle, find some peace

Remember that you can still come into our retail stores for a Grand Slam and our cold-pressed immunity boosting shooters. Come into our stores and get your order to go!

You can also find our shooters (and juices, smoothies and food items) on Uber Eats and our website, so you can get them delivered to your door.

And if you plan on avoiding stores altogether, consider other ways to support small businesses by buying a gift card that can be used at a later date. Thank you for continuing to shop local.


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Barbara Rounds on Sep 22, '22

Do you have stores in the Dallas Texas area that stock and sell Arden’s Garden products? My zip code is 75115.

mlze on Sep 7, '21

Oh how I miss Arden! I had many a help[ful conversation with her over the years. She’d always end with “Be Well” She really cared about us all. I love her. I’m glad that Leslie continues to provide the healthiest thing one can put in one’s mouth. Thanks for Uber as I’m temporarily crippled. BE WELL

Arden's Garden on Aug 11, '20

Hi Robert. We won’t be delivering to Arizona until the current shipping delays have been resolved.

Allyson T on Aug 11, '20

Love the “Helpful Healthful Hints to Boost Your Immunity”. Thank you for sharing!

Robert R on Aug 11, '20

Just wondering when I can order online your two day cleanse I’m in Arizona and on you website it says your not delivering there rite now.

Arden's Garden on May 19, '20

Hi Ben. Our free Grand Slams are for both first responders and healthcare workers.

Benjamin Wessels on May 19, '20

Hello, I would just like to clarify whom you are giving free grand slams. I am an occupational therapist and was told by one of your employees at the Clairmont rd location that “they were supposed to only be for first responders but she was not going to tell me no”. If this is the case that is fine but I would appreciate clarification as the sign clearly says “medical professionals”. Thank you. Ben Wessels

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