Anything But Garden Variety in East Point

Anything But Garden Variety in East Point

Arden's GardenApr 6, '21

If you turn the clocks back 26 years ago, the company that would become synonymous with health and wellness in the metropolitan Atlanta area, all began with a single mother of two, a juice press, and a dream.

"It's been a 26-year overnight success," CEO Leslie Zinn mused. "Lots of hard work. Lots of joy."

Arden Zinn was making juicing cool before words like "organic, vegan, and green" were as ubiquitous as they are now. Her daughter Leslie spoke with Vox Pop ATL to share the importance of her mother's legacy in the East Point community, and to show why this company is anything but garden variety.

"People really know that if you put good things inside of your body, you're boosting your own immune system, and so you're fighting your own fight," Leslie said.

Making nutrition and wellness convenient was Arden's mission in life. And with her recent passing in November 2020, Arden's legacy continues to live on with processing plants and retail stores in East Point and beyond.

Leslie said the Tri-Cities area of East Point, Hapeville, and College Park is hungry for healthy places to eat, and that the community really lifted up Arden's Garden, especially in 2020.

"The Tri-Cities embraced my mom as much as my mom embraced the Tri-Cities," Leslie said. "I can't be more grateful that her legacy is here in East Point."

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