How to Balance pH in the Body with Food

How to Balance pH in the Body with Food

Arden's GardenJan 31, '22

How to Balance pH in the Body with Food

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A body’s pH balance is the number of acids and bases in the blood. When balanced, your body can function at its best. Many people do not have this balance due to numerous factors. Yet, working towards improving your pH level can create a drastic change in your overall health and wellbeing. There are several ways to balance pH in the body. However, it is often best to learn how to balance pH in the body with food as it is the most natural and, typically, provides the best long-term result.

The Body Works Towards a Balance

What is pH balance in the body? The body is capable of maintaining a balance of acidity and alkalinity naturally. Normal pH in the blood is 7.14 on a scale of 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic. It’s somewhat natural for this to vary in either direction by a small amount. However, when this amount increases, that can lead to a number of health issues.

In many situations, an unbalanced pH level may be due to problems with the kidneys or the lungs. If these organs are not working properly, it can lead to conditions such as alkalosis or acidosis, which indicates a very low or very high pH level in the blood. In severe cases, this may require medical treatment and may be an emergency. When you’ve reached this level of imbalance, it is not possible to simply treat this condition with food at home. You will need to collaborate with medical providers.

However, for others, that is not the case. By working to balance pH from the start, even when there are slight levels of difference, it may be possible to see a significant improvement without having to utilize anything but food.

How the Body Works to Balance pH

When we consider what the pH of the human body is, it is important to remember that the body can maintain natural pH on its own, as noted. This typically happens in the lungs and kidneys.

The lungs help to maintain pH balance by releasing carbon dioxide. When you breathe in air, your lungs expel the carbon dioxide from that air out of the body as a waste product. Carbon dioxide is an acidic compound. The cells in the body further this by removing any carbon dioxide within them into the bloodstream, which the lungs help to remove.

The brain plays a role in this process. It helps to control the amount you breathe in and exhale with each breath. This helps with maintaining proper balance as well.

The kidneys are a type of filter that your body relies on to remove waste products from the bloodstream and the cells themselves. As noted, the body’s cells release carbon dioxide out of their walls and that moves into the bloodstream. The kidneys filter and remove these toxins, to some degree. This is a slower process than the work the lungs do.

What Happens When Your pH Balance Isn’t Right?

Why is pH important in the body? There are various conditions that can cause an imbalance of pH. When this happens, it can create an unhealthy environment in your body. More so, when pH isn’t balanced, that can create a risk for health complications.

One of the most important reasons to balance pH is that balanced pH makes it harder for disease to grow and thrive in the body. When there is an over-acidic environment present, disease and bad bacteria can flourish. Those who have an acidic imbalance, which is the most common form, are more likely to have an environment in their body where bacteria can thrive.

The immune system recognizes this and works to correct it. To do that, it pulls minerals from the organs and bones to help reduce the acidic environment by removing the impurities from it. As this happens, the acidic condition also weakens other systems in the body, creating a range of problems. Some of the most common concerns include:

  • Overgrowth of yeast and fungi, including candida
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Free radical damage, which may increase the risk of some cancers
  • Weight gain
  • Kidney damage and misfunction, including the development of kidney stones
  • Hard-to-control diabetes
  • Pain in the joints
  • Slow elimination
  • Chronic fatigue

You Can Learn How to Balance pH in the Body with Food

Most of the time, balancing pH in the body – and reducing the risk of complications like those above – can be done with food. Changes to a person’s diet can significantly help to improve overall health in the body by providing the rich nutrients needed to support the cells and organ function.

There are numerous steps you can take to improve pH balance through food. The key is to recognize that it takes a consistent effort to achieve results. Here are some of the steps necessary:

  • Eliminate harmful acidic foods from the diet. This includes removing sugar, refined flour, food additives, table salt, and processed foods from your diet.
  • Remove alcohol and caffeine from your diet as both can lead to acidic conditions.
  • Eat foods that are healthier acidic foods such as fresh fruits, beans, and oats.
  • Try to consume as much as 70 percent of your diet in the form of alkaline foods including vegetables of all types, almonds, avocado oil, and legumes.

Finding pH Balance Easily

Arden's Garden pH Solution cold pressed juice

While it takes a lot of education and work to balance your diet to balance pH, there may be other ways to support improvement. A healthy product can help to give you the right amounts and types of nutrients you need in a simple drink. For example, pH Solution from Arden’s Garden helps balance pH in the body. Drinking this low-calorie juice on a routine basis allows for your body to get the nutrients it needs to properly balance pH levels. It’s all done in a single drink – though you should drink it often, even every day, to get those results.

When consuming this 15.2-ounce juice, you are taking in a rich source of nutrients noted for their ability to balance pH and to support an overall good level of nutrient intake to support immune system function and brain health. Here’s a look at what’s in it and why these specific ingredients are so important.


Cucumbers are a fantastic tool in the fight to balance pH. It is low in calories and contains antioxidants. Cucumbers have a high level of nutrients in them that help to support immune system health. More so, it acts like a diuretic. That means they work to support the proper function of the kidneys, which can help with the maintenance pH levels.


Celery is a nutrient-dense vegetable as well. It contains a high level of antioxidants, which support the immune system’s function and help the cells to remove toxins naturally. It is also high in phytonutrients, which are recognized for their ability to prevent various diseases from occurring. Celery also has a significant amount of Vitamin K in it, which is also beneficial to supporting the function of the kidneys and circulatory system. A nice benefit of celery is that it is made up of mostly water and fiber, which helps with the body’s natural cleansing process as well.


Many people know the value of adding spinach to their diet. In pH Solution, there is a significant amount of this dark, leafy green. It is loaded with nutrients to support overall health, including iron and magnesium. This helps your organs function properly and aids in the balance of pH.


Often thought of as a superfood, kale is fantastic for many of the same reasons as the other nutrients listed here. That includes having a high level of fiber and antioxidants in it. It also is one of the best sources of Vitamin K. In addition to this, kale is packed with iron and calcium, both of which are important for pH balance.


Another valuable ingredient for balancing pH is the use of lemon. In pH Solution, lemon works to provide a nice boost of Vitamin C. This helps to support the immune system’s function. It also adds bioflavonoids, which is a natural diuretic to keep the kidneys functioning at their best.

Distilled Water

The final component of pH Solution is distilled water. It’s quite important that any type of product you drink for pH balance has distilled water in it. That means it is gone through the distillation process for purification. This is done by boiling down the water until it reaches steam then cooling it back down. This eliminates many of the contaminants found in water that could throw off the balance of pH in the body.

For those who want an effective way of balancing pH without the complications of balancing nutrients, pH Solution offers an excellent choice. It offers the necessary resources to help your body minimize the acidity that is so common in many people, which may help to reduce the risk of disease development, illness progression, and bacteria flourishing.

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